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Facebook Детейлинг check We pray to God for the courage to ask forgiveness and to learn how to listen to what he is saying to us.

I ask you to accompany me on my journey to Chile and Peru in your prayers.

We should work to accommodate, to protect, to promote and to integrate whoever is forced to leave their own home and undergo moments of real difficulty. @M_RSection

We must not wait to be perfect before responding to the Lord who calls us, but rather open our hearts to His voice.

The encounter with God and our brothers and sisters cannot wait just because we are slow or lazy. We are called to that encounter today!

If we fail to suffer with those who suffer, even those of different religions, languages or cultures, we need to question our own humanity.

The more we are rooted in Christ, the more we rediscover interior peace, even in the midst of daily challenges.

A joyful soul is like healthy soil in which life can thrive and produce good fruit.

Joy, prayer and gratitude are three ways that help us live authentically.

Let us share the joy of our Christian brothers and sisters of the East who are celebrating Christmas today.

Baptism is also called ‘illumination’, because faith illuminates the heart and allows us to see things in a different light.

Like the Magi, believers are led by faith to seek God in the most hidden places, knowing that the Lord waits for them there.

God walks along the dusty paths of our lives and responds to our longing for love and happiness by calling us to joy.

God became a child to be closer to the men and women of every time, and to show us His infinite tenderness.

In the name of Jesus, with our witness, we can prove that peace is possible.

In the simplicity of the nativity scene we encounter and contemplate the tenderness of God which reveals itself in the Baby Jesus.

Let us nurture the seeds of peace as they grow and let us transform our cities into workshops of peace.

The Family is the harmonious union of differences between a man and a woman. When it’s open to life and to others it’s even more authentic.

During these days let us give space to attitudes and gestures that favour peace.

Modesty is a virtue that is essential for anyone who wants to be like Jesus, who is meek and humble of heart.

Today we pray for all the children who are not allowed to be born, who cry with hunger, who hold weapons in their hands instead of toys.

God is in love with us. He draws us to Him with tenderness by being born poor and fragile among us, like one of us.

Today we want to remember all those who suffer persecution. We want to be close to them with our affection and our prayers.

Stop and look at the nativity scene: let us enter the true spirit of Christmas with the shepherds, bringing Baby Jesus all that we are.

Contemplating the Baby Jesus, with His humble and infinite love, let us say to Him, very simply: “Thank you for doing all this for me!”

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I’m hosting our Hampshire Church Leaders today here for our bi-annual meeting and lunch. Please say a prayer for them and for deeper unity among all Christians in doctrine, life and worship.

Fascinating (though not surprising) that a new survey suggests lots of people regularly pray, even though they say they’re not religious. See: google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theg….

Why oh why?! Just spent a few days outside the Diocese but every Catholic church I tried to visit was locked. One even had the utter hypocrisy to display a poster ‘From Maintenance to Mission’! Why is this, when every Anglican Church is welcomely open?

Especially during this month of January consecrated to the Holy Name, let’s recover the venerable practice of bowing our head at the Name of Jesus whilst submitting our heart to His service.

As things now return to normal after the Christmas and New Year break, I wish you God's blessings for the time ahead. Lots to read about what's been happening and what's coming up in @PortsmouthRC in my latest e-News: portsmouthdiocese.org.uk/enews/issue166…

Prayers and best wishes to Damian Hinds, one of our Diocesan MPs (East Hampshire) who is the new Secretary for Education. A Catholic, he went to my old school in Altrincham, the excellent St Ambrose College!

Away today - this is the foggy view! Still, you never know: it might just clear up ...

test Twitter Media - Away today - this is the foggy view! Still, you never know: it might just clear up ... https://t.co/wC35yxc0yQ

Happy Feast of the Epiphany! Our prayers and best wishes especially to Frs Luca and Raffaele and 400+ members of Communion and Liberation gathering this weekend near Reading for their annual conference with the inspiring Fr. Carron.

We’re having interviews today for the new post of Diocesan Communications Officer - much needed. Please say a prayer for all the candidates and also that we’ll choose just the right person.

On the train to London now to receive inoculations against Yellow Fever and malaria in preparation for the visit to Bamenda (see ENews). Not looking forward to this!

I wish you, your family and friends, a truly blessed New Year, 2018. I hope you enjoy reading my weekly e-News. Here's the first issue of 2018! In Corde Iesu. portsmouthdiocese.org.uk/enews/issue165…

Amazing now to have reached the year 2018! I pray for you today to the Lord that He will bless you with good health, many blessings and much happiness in the New Year ahead. Please pray for me.

Today in our Diocese we pray for those engaged in the ministry of safeguarding, for the maintenance of a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults, for all victims of abuse and for the forgiveness and rehabilitation of abusers.

As we approach the end of the year 2017, let’s thank God for all His love and the many blessings He has given us these last twelve months. Let’s ask His forgiveness for our sins and promise to serve Him more faithfully in the New Year ahead.

A special request - today, the feast of St Thomas à Becket, the Patron of England’s secular clergy, please say a prayer with love for your parish priest.

Today, Holy Innocents Day, let us make reparation for 8.5M babies aborted. Let us pray for the safety of unborn child, for parents facing difficult decisions, for forgiveness of medical staff, for the healing of those who have had abortions and for a culture of life in our land.

Just heard that Bishop Francis Walmsley, retired Bishop of the Forces, passed away peacefully yesterday afternoon, fortified by the Sacraments. Please pray that this gentle and inspiring man may rest in peace with the Lord.

Happy St Stephen’s Day today! Please pray for all our altar servers. Today in the Cathedral parish is their special annual celebration with medals - and chocolates too!

Hope you are having a happy day. After Mass, we had Christmas Dinner then joined the meal next door with the homeless, elderly and those on their own. God bless the cooks and helpers. We’re now watching Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs!

Please pray for Bishop Francis Walmsley, retired Bishop of the Forces, who is being beautifully cared for at St John’s Convent, Kiln Green. He is now really unwell. May the Blessed Mother and St Joseph help him with their prayers.

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